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Support a disaster relief organization that's making a big difference in the world. SSO helps people in Africa, the United States, and around the world by providing clothing, money, food, and supplies. From digging wells in Senegal to helping residents rebuild after hurricanes, we're there for people in need.

Our founder, Lynette Melbourne, started the organization in 2002 after discovering the impact that small donations make. She gave her sister $20 to distribute on a trip to Senegal, and soon Lynette received a letter of thanks from all the people her donation had helped. She began giving larger amounts whenever she could afford it, knowing that she was doing God's work, and eventually she went to Senegal with her family to dig wells by hand. Soon, her friends noticed the difference she was making and were inspired to start donating.

SSO gives people all over the United States the chance to make an impact. We seek donations of money and supplies to help provide essentials to communities that need them. From our home base in Humble, Texas, we send these supplies wherever they are needed.

Village ChildrenHelping People is Our Passion
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Kids Reaching for Help
Reaching Ramadan is as close as the hands of these kids can reach. Open your hand and give to keep this beautiful smile on their faces. Ramadan Mubarak

A female goat is called "doe," and a male goat is called "buck." Doe can have two delivery every year and two to three baby goats per delivery. Because goats are easy to take care of and can live between 15-18 years, we have started to donate one "buck" and one "doe" for eligible needy families.



Eid al-Adha or Eid al-Qurban is the festival of sacrifice where Muslims all around the world celebrate by slaughtering a healthy sheep and sharing it with the unfortunate. Salmasadaqah is accepting donations for udhiyah until one week before Eid ul-Adha. Donate $220 per sheep, $100 per share cow, and let everyone feel the gift of sharing through

Women and Children
SSO builds schools and fixes Mosque's so people can pray. 

Children Eating

Help us feed our orphans in Uganda by donation to our meal project. One of the greatest problems in the world today is hunger. While many of us enjoy the pleasures of cooking satisfying meals at home as well as dining out, there are millions of people—many of them children—in Africa , Uganda and around the world that do not get enough to eat. The good thing is that this problem is fixable by getting involved locally and donating now.

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Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. As such, it is compulsory on muslims, provided they meet certain conditions and criteria.

So please donate generously to help the less fortunate.

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