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Water well on the desert because the water is so deep, a motorized pump must be installed. The water is simply too heavy to lift from that depth with a hand pump. , run on solar panel large electric pumps, concrete cement storage tanks, and housing for it all can drive the cost up to $30,000 or more. But, since these very large systems serve so many people, they are still quite cost-effective. In fact, some of these large systems can serve over 3,000 people and more.

Western Kenya Well Project
An example of one of our project sites is in Western Kenya, our team has had experience deep in hang dug wells.
Today, however, they are working with new, small rigs provided by donors. These simple hand-dug wells can dig to about 150-200 feet. The rigs are very cost-effective and They can be moved with ease and allow work to happen quickly

Water Wells!
Every dollar you donate to our projects is so meaningful and is used in full to help provide a sustainable future for entire villages for generations to come. Contact Us if you have any questions 830-357-6643

We are asking for donations for similar projects around the world. Although this advance equipment in poor country are a little expensive and need special drilling machines so please be extra generous and help the people aroud the world to have the opportunity to enjoy access of water where it’s needed.

The simplest wells have traditionally been hand dug. That's hand. They can be fifty or more feet deep and are used when ground water is generally abundant. These wells are extremely dangerous to build and have cost many lives of unskilled laborers. They are also often left uncovered and easily contaminated. They aren't always an ideal solution, but when properly installed they can be quite effective.
We work to ensure our partners have the right tools for the job. We want the work to be done safely for both the workers and the people who will benefit from the new source of water
Wells are built where there is plenty of water in underground sources. When you provide a well, you’re giving everyone in a community

Give Entire Villages Access to Fresh, Clean Water that will Save Lives.

Millions of poverty-stricken people in India don’t have access to clean drinking water. Villagers often have to walk around 6 kilometers carrying heavy buckets in extreme conditions in search of water. Most of these villagers are women and children. Through our water wells project, Hundreds line up daily to benefit from free clean water for cooking, washing, and other necessities. Help provide an ongoing benefit to entire villages by sponsoring standard water well. We will send you construction updates, and once your well is complete, you will get photos and a portfolio as well.

More projects are coming up in India, such as the one in the video, as we visited and studied the area to plan how we can help the community as much as possible. This water well was machine drilled and made with multiple faucets to accommodate as many people at the same time. It is our role as a non-profit organization to expand and aid all countries at large, prioritizing based on the severity of the need. In the end, all is only done because of the generosity of our supporters.

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